How mobiWAIT works

mobiWAIT utilizes your customers' cell phones which they already have and own and eliminates the need to use a buzzer system.

For managers

  • Manage hostess employees
  • View wait list for each location
  • View monthly refered guest counts
  • View list of customers and visits
  • Reward customers by texting them coupons
  • Manage service locations

For hostesses

  • hostess1Sign in and let us locate you!
  • hostess2Check wait list in real time
  • hostess4Add a customer to the wait list
  • hostess5Wait list overview
  • hostess6Notify customer when service is ready

Find out even more about how mobiWAIT works.

Contact mobiWAIT

For more information about CompEx, Inc. or Mobius, contact our US Headquarters (877) 829-0536, visit or fill out the form below.


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