How mobiWAIT works

mobiWAIT utilizes your customers' cell phones which they already have and own and eliminates the need to use a buzzer system.

For managers

  • Manage hostess employees
  • View wait list for each location
  • View monthly refered guest counts
  • View list of customers and visits
  • Reward customers by texting them coupons
  • Manage service locations

For hostesses

  • hostess1Sign in and let us locate you!
  • hostess2Check wait list in real time
  • hostess4Add a customer to the wait list
  • hostess5Wait list overview
  • hostess6Notify customer when service is ready

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About CompEx

CompEx, Inc. is the parent company of Mobius. CompEx, Inc. provides comprehensive integrated web solutions to solve the complex connectivity problems facing today's organizations. Based in Columbus, Ohio, CompEx, Inc. is a privately-funded company formed in 1992 as a technology brand of global invention and vision to develop solutions for new business ventures. CompEx specializes in interactive mobile marketing, web and mobile application development, business intelligence, infrastructure/security, and digital data management. Our innovative thinking, knowledge and systematic work methodology enable us to provide our customers with timely and highly effective solutions.

For more information about CompEx, Inc. or Mobius, contact our US Headquarters (877) 829-0536 or visit

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