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Welcome to mobiWAIT: the wait is finally over!

Notify your customers by text when their table is ready.

Instead of buzzers and jam packed lobbies of hungry and agitated customers at restaurants crowding the entryway and perhaps turning away those that arrive and see the crowd, why not just let mobiWAIT text them when their table is ready? mobiWAIT is efficient, convenient, easy and helps you drive sales by allowing patrons to order while they wait right from their mobile phones. Also the payment process is handled at the time of ordering so you have nothing to lose. They are also free to shop or use their time efficiently. When they sit down the food and drinks they wanted are arriving as they are seated. Efficient use of time and increased sales, and happy returning customers are just a few of the benefits of the mobiWAIT solution, Check it out, for $500/year it pays for itself many times over.

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